What to expect….

A typical Biodanza class… follows a flow that can be found in any Biodanza class throughout the world. We begin and end together in a circle as a community, acknowledging our interconnectedness. The first part of class is a time of activation that raises our heart beats through rhythmic movement, awakens our playful selves and activates our vital life energy. Then there is a period of harmonization in which we slow our bodies rhythms and movements to connect more inwardly with ourselves, finding places of stillness, fluidity, inner silence and rest. Finally, we come out of this parasympathetic state through light activation, integrating our experience and preparing us to go home.



  • CREATIVITY: how to awaken creativity; how to express your creativity
  • SELF-CARE and SELF-LOVE: how to connect deeply with yourself, identifying your needs and knowing how to give that to yourself; learning to love your body, your heart, your mind and your life
  • JOY: connecting to the joy in your life; knowing joy, feeling joy; celebrating with authentic joy
  • GIVING and RECEIVING: learning the art of giving lovingly without the need for reciprocation; learning the art of receiving from life–how to receive help from others, how to receive healthy affectionate touch, how to ask for and receive support
  • BOUNDARIES: how to know and embody your boundaries; how to feel and be strong by validating yourself and your boundaries; how to say “no” gently yet firmly
  • COURAGE: cultivate the courage to follow your dreams; connect to your heart-center to be BOLD, daring, and nourished enough to follow your dreams
  • and MORE…..


Our bodies as a resource… we embody our states of being: our bodies tell the stories of our lives and we create the story of our life through our bodies. The body houses the mind, emotions, feelings, ideas, and intuitions from which we make decisions. The greater awareness and connection we have to each of these – our thoughts, emotions, and instincts–the more integrated they are with one another and the more integrated we become. If you want to feel energized and confident to get the job you’ve always wanted or to pursue a dream; or if you want to have the courage to be authentic with your family, partner, and friends; or if you want to feel deeply connected to your inner self, peaceful of heart and clear in mind, then try Biodanza. All these states of being we can invoke and generate in our bodies through different postures and categories of movement (rhythmic, fluid, expansive, synchronized, etc). Biodanza gives us a space in which to practice these postures and movements and embody them!



More on Themes… Biodanza organizes around themes that can be for a specific class or for a series of classes. Each class is a unique piece of artwork. Though music and exercises may be used again, the order and pattern in which they are presented is different. In the same way you can do yoga positions hundreds of times and no two times is it the same, each class provides new learning for your body. The class also varies depending on the composition of participants–who you are today is not who you were last week – you bring a different set of energies and ideas and so does everyone else.




Current Classes held Tuesday evenings once a month at Hanna Barn, Vashon Island, 7-9pm. All welcome to attend. Email lauralouc@gmail.com to inquire!