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Biodanza -- to Dance with Life Yes Please!

Biodanza is a transformational movement practice that awakens creative expression and expands our capacity to live in the present. Integrating music, movement, and authentic interactions, a weekly Biodanza practice increases the joy and aliveness we feel in life, enriches our relationships, and honors the inherent beauty of the human journey.

Next Biodanza Class Tuesday February 25 7-9pm at Hanna Barn, Vashon Island. All welcome


What participants are saying

  • Laura is a magician of connectivity and embodiment. Her classes transport me right into the joyous expression of my deepest self.

    - Cristy, Berkeley
  • I was totally won over by AquaBiodanza, which I would do anytime, anywhere. It was so gentle and a delicious way to connect, move and have fun in warm water with wonderful new friends. Laura made my first time just that: my first time!

    - Chris, Berkeley
  • AquaBiodanza with Laura was magical.  Full of fun, lightness, flow, imagination and play. It was a big group in a small pool, and Laura did a great job of holding a safe container for the group while inviting the whimsical fun that comes so naturally in water.  I highly recommend it!

    - Jenny, Oakland
  • Laura Camner led a Biodanza vivencia for my 50th birthday party.  I am so inspired by her beautiful gentle energy, and the way in which she so authentically and warmly facilitates and holds space – for everyone.  There were many there who are familiar with the practice and comfortable in their bodies and connecting with others in dance, and there were also people who were participating for the first time.  Laura set such a safe container and showed up with such open-heartedness that everyone participated with joy.   And as for my birthday celebration, I cannot remember another time I felt so celebrated and surrounded by such love.  Laura is a gift to this world, and I look very forward to participating in more vivencias, events or classes she facilitates.

    - Jill, Berkeley
  • Laura’s Biodanza class is amazing! This is a rare chance to experience playfulness, surrender, connection, and relaxation. She skillfully leads the group, creating a safe container for participants to explore their interior and exterior worlds. As a facilitator, I fully trust Laura to guide me in a beautiful adventure of dance and connection.

    - Maggie, Berkeley

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“We can know ourselves well and want to change, but rational understanding does not produce transformation– what transforms us is experience”

Rolando Toro, Creator of Biodanza

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