About Laura


I am dedicated to creating spaces where people come alive. I live for moments when people “light up” – when a light is turned on in their eyes, when I can feel their hearts come alive. I believe that when we are connected to our own life-force, it contagiously lights up others and we take action and live in ways that are more conscious, more caring towards mother earth and all beings. We make decisions that are sustainable and life-affirming for ourselves and our planet!

What touches me about Biodanza is the depth of presence, connection and reverence it evokes. Biodanza appeals to the humanity within each one of us. It asks of each of us to connect to that part which is thriving and share it with others. I’ve dedicated myself to many different dance modalities and have never experienced anything quite like Biodanza. I feel simultaneously held by the group and centered in my own being. I feel heart-opened and at peace. I feel nurtured and inspired.

I completed a three-year training with Biodanza schools in Colombia, Brazil, and San Francisco and have been practicing Biodanza and applying it to my life for the past 12 years. In 2010 I completed training in the Extension Aquatic Biodanza, which has become a specialty, and in 2012, the extension of Biodanza with Voice and Percussion. I facilitate groups both on land and in the water, bringing love and vitality to each class. I look at human beings and the human body as a holistic, living, integrated system in which all parts – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – are interconnected and affect one another; Biodanza positively influences all of these systems. I invite you to experience this profound practice with me: Let’s move together!