Biodanza invites you to bring awareness to your body, heart and mind as you discover new ways of moving on the dance floor and moving through life. More than a mindful movement practice, Biodanza offers a transformative space for shifting patterns of movement and relating to self, others, and the world that may get in the way of the full flow of energy and joy in your life. Be playful, powerful, gentle, bold, receptive, creative and fluid in your Dance with Life.

The Biodanza Story


Biodanza was founded in the 1960’s in Chile by Rolando Toro Araneda, a clinical psychologist and anthropologist. It is now an international movement with 150 schools with classes in over 50 countries. “I was interested in creating a system to stimulate the joy of being alive, to enhance the integration between mind and body and to reinforce the connection between human beings” writes Rolando Toro. Throughout years of study and experimentation and with the help and insight of others, he developed Biodanza, a system designed to activate each person’s inherent potential as a human being, founded in the sciences of biology and somatic psychology, art, and love.

“We can know ourselves well and want to change, but rational understanding does not produce transformation–what transforms us is experience” ~ Rolando Toro

In Biodanza, lived experience is the foundation. When we come to identify and know something in a Biodanza class, we know it not only with our minds, but with the whole of our bodies. Biodanza uses authentic expression primarily through movement, but also through voice. This expressive way of being informs the cognitive-rational dimensions of our mind, catalyzing an integrative process: integrating what we’ve felt and experienced into a cognitive knowing that we apply in our everyday lives.

Current Classes held Tuesday evenings once a month at Hanna Barn, Vashon Island, 7-9pm. All welcome to attend. Email to inquire! Next Class February 25th, 2020.