Aquatic Biodanza

Advanced Aquatic Biodanza Series 2018
Saturday May 5th

Sunday July 1st
Saturday September 8th

open to experienced Biodanzeros only


Explore transcendence and sensuality through an altered and expanded state of consciousness induced by warm water, beautiful music, and a group of people who share a common language of connection through trust and surrender


Return to the origin of your own life through perinatal and oceanic experiences


Unveil your vital unconsciousness: Surrender to the experience of unity with the all
Release any limits between your own body and the external world: Open to oneness with others and with the cosmos


Work with the inherent and archetypal aspects of water to experience
~ dissolution of identity and ego ~
~ physical and spiritual cleansing ~
~ awakened sensitivity and sensuality ~
~ tremendous support and holding from the water and the group ~


Aquatic Biodanza is an extension within the Biodanza System Rolando Toro that invites you into deep states of trust and surrender


Events take place at a private salt water pool in the Oakland Hills

Open Aquatic Biodanza Series 2018

Sunday March 25th
Saturday June 9th
Sunday August 12th

open to anyone curious about Biodanza regardless of experience 



Discover the excitement of affectivity and connection in the fluid embrace of warm water. A wonderful introduction for those who are new to Biodanza! 

inner peace and joy

Relax into the pleasant embrace of warm water (98°F). Let the water hold and support you.
Engage with playful curiosity
Enter into profound connection with self and others with the guidance of music, movement and gentle facilitation




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